Worksheet – Modeling the Logical Structure of Sentences

Applying PL, construct a symbolic model of the logical structure of each of the following sentences.

1) The primary concern of Wall Street is lining its own pocket.    2) There is no universal format for lesson plans.

3)  Presidents have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made, and massive amounts of money paid.

4)  Trump did not make clear to what he was referring, but his comments seemed to be a further suggestion that military action was on his mind 5) Frederick McKinley Jones invented an air-conditioning unit for military field hospitals, a refrigerator for military field kitchens, a self-starting gas engine, and a series of devices for movie projectors.

6) American Heart Month is not meant to develop new treatments, but rather to increase people’s knowledge about how to live a healthy life and about the dangers of heart problems.

7) Some people believe that crop circles are produced by extraterrestrials or some other paranormal phenomenon.  8) An artist can achieve unity in a work through proximity, repetition, or continuation.   9) Our justice system works if and only if witnesses are willing to come forward.   10) The Social Security system will remain solvent if and only if we either increase the Social Security tax or allow private investment.   11) If we examine American Indian tribal religions, we do not find a fear of death.  12) I, myself, cannot stand being around a cloud of smoke if I am not smoking.   13) If children are interested in a subject matter and the information allows for personal development then children learn more.   14) If a group of people are almost totally homogeneous, we have an environment where there are not many interesting and different outlooks on life.   15) Either the teachers deserve more blame and need to give in to get the dispute settled or the school board deserves more blame and needs to give in to get the dispute settled.   16) Taxpayers can claim the Hope Scholarship or the Lifetime Learning Credit, but can never claim both.

17) We shouldn’t speculate about what’s in a person’s heart, mind, or motives. 18)  If there is continued slack in the labor market then the economy could sustain a higher level of employment and output in the longer run than now anticipated and this would be a very beneficial outcome, albeit one that would require recalibrating monetary policy over time in order to reap those benefits and compensate for the accompanying reduction in inflationary pressures.

19) Students who are not directly involved in the homecoming events are encouraged to be part of the audience.  20) People who party a lot, wear Abercrombie and Fitch or University of Wisconsin-Stout clothing and don’t really care about their education fit the stereotype of a college kid.