World Music Literature

1) During the third part of the capoeria form known as the corridos, the players enter the roda, or playing circle, and do what?

a) dance/martial art

b) storytelling/improvisational comedy

c) boxing match/test of physical strength

2) The first section of the three-part musical form of capoeira is known as the ladainha. The ladainha that you heard in the listening example was in honor of who?

a) Barbara Browning, a scholar and practitioner of capoeira

b) Vicente Ferreira Pastinha, the leader, or mestre, of Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho

c) Zumbi, leader of Palmaras (escaped slave colony)
d) Getulio Vargas, 14th and 17th President of Brazil

3) One of the four components of a music culture is Activities, which relates to musical practice as well as social organization? What are some contemporary activities associated with capoeira? Is there a particular social organization to the ensemble?

4) Name two Generalizations of African Music-Culture that might apply to capoeira and explain the reason behind your choices?

5) What is the historical significance of capoeira in Brazil?