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Name: Haobo si (Paul)


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Location: Kroger‘s crackers shelf

Messages 1. Healthy 2. Fun 3. Acceptable price
Rhetorical strategies 1.whole wheat 1. Pictures of a cartoon couple 1.1.69 dollar
2. Low calories 2.color 2.logo of Kroger
3. 0% sugar 3. 3.

Tentative thesis:

An outline of body paragraph

· Paragraph 1:

· Paragraph 2:

· Paragraph 3

RA paragraph:

This product is desirable to customers. The good is appealing for the customer; the whole wheat crackers are very healthy. Whole wheat flour contains B vitamin, which can prevent and cure fatigue, back pain, loss of appetite, beriberi, skin disease, and various skin diseases. Whole wheat bread is rich in crude fiber and has a specific therapeutic effect on constipation. Whole grain foods help to reduce weight, prevent diabetes, atherosclerosis and other diseases. The crackers are also low in calories crackers. Low-calorie foods can allow obese people to reduce the weight of overweight or obese diabetes to regain their normal standard weight. Reduce insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity. Reduce the burden of islet B cells and slow their decline. Can increase your amount of food appropriately, satisfy satiety feeling, enjoy the fun that eats satiety, improve your life quality. We can see that this is 0 sugar crackers. There are many dangers of sugar. Sucrose is a carbohydrate with the highest calorific value. Excessive intake of sucrose can cause diseases such as obesity, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, and dental caries. Second, if people eat a lot of sugar on an empty stomach, their blood sugar will suddenly increase, which will damage the balance of acid and alkali and various beneficial microorganisms in the body, which is not conducive to human health.